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March 19, 2007


andrew wait

Trek Pilot 5.0 roadbike
Canon EOS Digital SLR
2001 Audi A6 Wagon
1973 Beechcraft Bonanza
2005 Birel Rotax Kart
SnapOn ratcheting screwdriver
1955 Piper Pacer
1961 Triumph TR3
Braunfels Smoker-Barbecue

Sean Malone

1. MacBook Pro
2. Toss-up: Nikon D200/F100
3. 1989 1/2 Porsche Carrera
4. 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce
5. Timbuk2 biker bag
6. BlackBerry Pearl
7. iPod
8. Ventana El Saltamantes MT Bike
9. Dyson Vacuum
10. Moonstone Goose Down Mummy Bag


Here's my list:

1. Replaytv : love the skip commercial feature : own two of them.
2. Connectix webcam : first exposure to webcams/video conferencing. simple/cheap.
3. Dewalt 18v power tools: all of them
4. skype
5. Macbook Duo 210 (stolen on graduation day) - my first laptop. girlfriend (now wife) spilled a 2L jug of coke on it day 2; apple replaced it free of charge.
6. air titanium eyeglasses : keep the frame, replace the lens/design
7. earthviewer : saw the smoke shots of the WTC, and flyover of Kandahar. Amazing.
8. Motorola StarTac: borrowed it for two weeks in late '96, and was hooked
9. NCSA Mosaic
10. Commodore 64: boy did I love that machine! got one, hacked it, burnt it, and ended up working at a Commodore repair shop...

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